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Facts of Life

This workshop provides a review of ten issues of contentment that everyone needs to be aware of and understand in order to overcome depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and all other obstacles to serenity. Based on the book Facts of Life: Ten Issues of Contentment the workshop summarizes the principles and skills requred to accomplish contentment in our lives. Presenters usually include one or more of the authors of the book.
Cost: $150 (Discounts may apply for partners and family members)
Length: 3 hours
Maximum participants: 8
Prerequesite: None


Consiliom is a place or time of healing through connection and relationship. This workshop is an intensive program which uses the relationships in a group setting to teach a variety of tools to reduce shame and improve our relationships with others. Content is based on leading research on shame and its effects on us as individuals and as a society. The content is helpful for anger management, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, addictions and a variety of other problems. Learn more. Presenters are certified Daring Way and Rising Strong facilitators.

Cost: $600 - $800 depending on the format - Advance registration required
Length: There are several formats available.
Maximum participants: 8
Prerequesite: None (Facts of Life Workshop is strongly recommended)


An intensive workshop providing basic tools for improving intimacy, communications and connection in relationships. This workshop includes informative lectures as well as conjoint experiential sessions.
Cost: $2500 per couple
Length: 1 week (25 to 35 hours in sessions over 3 to 5 days)
Maximum participants:3 couples
Prerequisite: None

Parenting for Sanity

Being a really excellent parent means fostering emotional well being in our children while preserving our own mental health. Often this is not an easy balance to manage. This workshop explores tips, tools and techniques for maintaining our own sanity while teaching our children how to find theirs. Topics such as discipline and limit setting, communications, boundaries, child and adolescent development and problem resolution are covered. All facilitators are not only licensed counselors, but are also parents themselves so the content is reality based.
Cost: $200
Length: 1 day
Maximum participants: 25
Prerequisite: Facts of Life Workshop

Private workshops are offered by arrangement. Call 480-695-0252 for availability and costs.