I believe in the power of the human spirit to overcome almost any obstacle. I know too that it is often very difficult. I understand the compelling need to just feel better and the sense of helplessness that comes with not knowing how to do it. I believe that the solutions to most emotional and psychological problems lie in our relationships; our connections to one another. Disconnection, believing we are different from others or somehow defective can lead to dissatisfaction in our relationships, loss of meaning and a sense of not belonging. I believe that we are all in this together and that there are solutions for the loneliness, chronic worry, fear, and sadness we often face. I work with individuals to help discover and connect with your authentic self and end the isolation, pain and fear of dealing with your issues alone. I also work with individuals, couples and their families to develop relationship skills and increase the level of intimacy in relationships. I believe in the journey of life everyone has a path, and no one should walk alone.

In my offices in Phoeniz and Wickenburg, I draw on a wide variety of techniques and methods that I have studied and practiced over more than 45 years. The particular systems and approaches used vary with each person depending on the type of issues faced. More importantly, your comfort level and needs will help us determine how to proceed. Generally my approach is founded on evidence based cognitive theory together with mindfulness techniques. I am very direct and action oriented and concentrate primarily on present day issues while developing an understanding of the origins of those issues in childhood trauma and other life events. In our sessions in Phoenix you can expect understanding, respect and support together with information and suggestions based not only with my years of experience, but also on the lessons learned in my own journey through life.